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The Financial Data have altered from a mere regulatory requirement to a tool enabling sound decision making to sustain the competitive world. We at MMA ensure timely, reliable and meaningful financial data by making accounting systems work harder for management daily.
It is observed that several businesses do not have access to the service of book keeping, due to varied factors like shortage of resources or dearth of skillset. Accounting records and book keeping are indispensable for all types of businesses as it enables its owners, directors or management to be informed of all transactions carried by the business which helps to measure the degree of success of the business apart from complying for tax regulations.


MMA provides outsourced employment services, including payroll, to clients. It seeks to ensure employers are ahead of the potential minefield of statutory requirements around the world and its employment experts are backed by tax and accounting specialists covering a wide range of employment issues. Confidentiality is ensured as staff records are held off-site and payroll details are only disclosed to designated personnel.

Services are tailored to meet clients’ requirements all around the world. The right management decisions can then be made – whether the business perspective is global or local in nature.

MMA provides the following financial services:
  • Accounting Services including management accounting
  • Review of Accounting Systems
  • Accounts / System Manual
  • MIS
  • Back office operations including Payroll/ HR Processing
  • Transaction Processing Orders/ Claims Processing
  • Co-Working Space
  • Independent directorship
  • Virtual CFO

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